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“Bringing communities together by re-imagining history through digital interpretation”

Smart Heritage is a social enterprise with a vision to make heritage more accessible by encouraging remote virtual discovery of heritage using the latest technologies and social networks.

We are committed to empowering communities and heritage organisation by making emergent, immersive and mobile technologies accessible and enabling them to be used to digitise cultural landscapes and raise understanding of threats posed by climate change, the pandemic and conflict. We believe virtual reality has the potential to bring home the global and local impacts of climate change and act as a catalyst for the behaviour changes needed to preserve our cultural landscapes for the future.

A small company with a big social goal to bring heritage and culture to the centre of communities.  We work with organisations across Scotland, Europe and beyond connecting communities with local, national and international heritage.

Our aims are…


Promote wellbeing, prosperity and social cohesion through heritage using digital and emergent technologies.

Collect and showcase communities’ accounts of heritage.

Devise interactive and fun interpretations which engage new audiences with heritage.

Encourage individuals and communities to the different ways of perceiving heritage.

Use of virtual reality for communicating the threat of climate change and understanding the behaviour changes that can halt global warming.

Develop heritage experiences combining different forms of cultural expression, helping to invigorate the vernacular community.



Smart Heritage provides bespoke consultancy services to cultural and   heritage organisations.  We specialise in digital solutions, strategy, funding applications, administrative support, feasibility studies and project planning and management.


Carry out and support digitisation of cultural landscapes. Including 360 images, drone  footage, digitisation of artefacts and recording intangible heritage. We use digital modelling to recreate the past make digital twins of the present and communicate the impact of climate change.

Virtual Museums

We support communities make the most of emergent, immersive and mobile technologies. We can provide hosting and online archives as well as frameworks for digital galleries, interactive maps, immersive exhibits, virtual tours, and Museums without Walls.

Capacity Building

We aim to build capacity through knowledge exchange and co creation. We provide support and training to enable heritage organisations and communities to best understand their digital needs and how to implement and sustain them. 

Meet the Team

Maria Andrei

Heritage Against Climate Change

Sarah Kenndy

Digital Scenes

Dr Iain Oliver

Applications and Systems

Sharon Pisani

Language & Cultural Landscapes

Dr Catherine Anne Cassidy

Community Empowerment

Dr Perin Westerhof-Nyman

Archives & Research

Dr Kamila Oles

Graphic Design and Archaeology

Annie Birrell

Sustainability and Fundraising

Example Projects

Ceòl Uibhist a Tuath/Music of North Uist

This project aims to identify and preserve home recordings, tapes, video, film, photographs and other materials from within the local community.  Undoubtedly, there are many priceless items tucked away in drawers, cupboards, lofts, sheds, out of sight and mind.  We hope that new discoveries will ensure that the story of ‘Ceòl Uibhist a Tuath’ will continue to evolve through the work of the Comann Eachdraidh. 

Explore cultural landscapes at the Timespan Museum

Travel back in time  in Timespan’s Virtual Reality room. Explore the Strath of Kildonan as it was in the Iron Age and prior to the Highland Clearances. Meet the herring gutters during the 19th century herring boom in Helmsdale.

Virtual Orkney North Isles

Explore the rich cultural and natural heritage landscapes of Orkney North Isles. Enjoy virtual tours or the heritage centres on Westray, Sanday, North Ronaldsay, Papa Westray, Shapinsay and Stronsay. When visiting the islands you can also enjoy digital exhibits in each of the heritage centres.

The Siege of Fort William

The West Highland Museum is enjoying its hundredth anniversary amongst its collections are many items relating to the Jacobite uprising of 1745. Now you can explore Fort William as it was during the Jacobite siege shortly before there defeat at the battle of Culloden.